Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is something Trinity Baptist Church is extremely passionate about. We work all year long to collect things in put in shoeboxes for children all around the world. We pack these shoeboxes full of necessities such as soap and toothbrushes, toys such as a racecar or teddy bear, and most importantly God’s love. We are able to write letters and sent tracts to these children to show them that we love them and God loves them. We have even been fortunate enough to receive letters back from children, stating that this box showed them how much God cares for them.

Each year, Mrs. Nancy Reynolds puts together all the items we have collected throughout the year. She separates the packing into 3 Wednesday night services where we all come together to pack the boxes. In 2017, we were able to pack over 800 shoeboxes. That is 800 children who received the gospel!!! Packing these boxes is such a blessing to our church and we look forward to doing this each year.

A special thank you to Mrs. Nancy for all her hard work and dedication to this ministry. We would not be able to do any of this without her and God strengthening her.


All of our boxes from 2017 stacked up and ready to be shipped out!


Our assembly line for packing the boxes.

IMG_2220 (1)

All the people who come together to serve God through Operation Christmas Child.


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