Music Department

Trinity Baptist Church is extremely blessed with a wonderful group of musicians who make our worship time extraordinary.


Austin Duncan- Music Pastor

DUNCAN, CALEB; (Staff)113

Caleb Duncan- Choir Director

-40177295184950839_IMG_3640Our Choir sings a great mix of hymnals and contemporary music each Sunday.

CHEEVES, KENNY; (Staff)110  ROBERTS, KEVIN; (Staff)86  HEARD, TOMMY; (Staff)43

Kenny Cheeves, Kevin Roberts, and Tommy Heard- Sound Technicians


Austin Duncan, Duncan Cheeves, Allen Windom, Scott Reynolds, Bryan Reynolds, Jacob Windom, Renee Windom, Karen Cheeves, and Stan Williams (not pictured)- our praise band

Each Sunday, we have special singers who have a passion for singing and praising Jesus.

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