Bro. Rick Duncan

Pastor Emeritus, Bro. Rick Duncan, has been preaching at Trinity Baptist Church for 40 years now. Through the years, he’s had challenging, powerful and comforting sermons that made the church what it is today. Thank you Bro. Rick for your service and faithfulness.

1979- Ordination of Bro. Rick Duncan

1982- Blessed Assurance

1987-Why I’m A Member Of This Church

1989- What Jesus And The Cross Mean To Me

1991- The Lord’s House

1992- But God

1993- A Walk Down Lovers Lane

1998- The King Is Coming

1999- Hobnobbing With Hogs

2001- Thoughts From The Top Of A Tree

2001- Armed And Dangerous

2004- Fire On The Mountain

Volume 1 of 3

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