January 2019

*This resource is never meant to substitute God’s plan for you to be in a community church. Please use this resource like a vitamin instead of a meal.

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1/6 SUNDAY AM: Kevin Couch, Resolutions

1/6 SUNDAY PM: Brad Brimlow, Four Things To Remember

1/9 WEDNESDAY: Nick Crider, How To Be Blessed

1/13 SUNDAY AM: Kevin Couch, Our Dedication As Christians

1/13 SUNDAY PM: Kevin Couch, (Rev. 11:15-19) The Seventh Trumpet

1/16 WEDNESDAY: Kenneth Smith, A Humble Servant

1/20 SUNDAY AM: Brad Brimlow, Oh, You Didn’t Know?

1/20 SUNDAY PM: Austin Duncan, The Big Picture

1/23 WEDNESDAY: Kevin Couch, (Rev. 12:1-6) The Woman, The Dragon, and The Man-Child

1/27 SUNDAY AM: Kevin Couch, Be Strong In The Lord

1/27 SUNDAY PM: Jimmy Lee, Why Not Tonight?

1/30 WEDNESDAY: Sean Williams, Foundation Of Salvation

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