December 2019

12/1 SUNDAY AM: Jimmy Lee, The Salvation Of God

12/1 SUNDAY PM: Brad Brimlow, You Don’t Know How Good You Got It

12/4 WEDNESDAY: Nick Crider, Christian Liberty

12/8 SUNDAY AM: Kevin Couch, Steps To The Pig Pen

12/11 WEDNESDAY: Austin Duncan, Lev. 8-10;21-22(The Priesthood)

12/15 SUNDAY AM: Kevin Couch, From The Pig Pen, Back To The Father’s House

12/15 SUNDAY PM: Kevin Couch, The Clothes of a Christian

12/18 WEDNESDAY: Kenneth Smith, Scars

12/22 SUNDAY AM: Brad Brimlow, The Focus of Christmas

12/22 SUNDAY PM: Kevin Couch, The Gifts For The King

12/29 SUNDAY AM: Austin Duncan

12/29 SUNDAY PM: Nick Crider, Who Tests You and Who Tempts You?

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